About this time of the growing season, you may notice that your Paphs (Lady Slippers) may seem to be pushing themselves up in the planting medium. This is a sign that it is time to repot. Don’t be afraid, this is the right time of year. The plants should be in their growth cycle and a repot will give them a chance to get acclimated prior to fall/winter. Be careful though, causing an abrasion to emerging root tips may cause the tip to fail.


     Other orchids should be showing signs that they are ready for a repot. Exposed roots on Phals. and Cats. mean that they need to find medium and moisture. Take the time to repot now, trimming away dead roots, and potting so that the roots will be in the medium. This is the first step in getting your plants ready for their next bloom cycle.


     Don’t forget to lightly fertilize now while plants are growing!




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