I had some time today to read a thread on the Slippertalk Board (www.slippertalk.com) discussing an article regarding the extirpation of Phrag. kovachii in several wild sites. This article was written in 2003, and today a reader posted that they had gone to see the Phrag. kovachii in the wild and found many plants in the site. This is very good news. It shows that rushing new species into commercial propogation is extremely important to newly discovered orchid species.

On a side note, Slippertalk is an excellent website for orchid enthusiasts, but is centered on slipper orchids.

Nows the time to treat yourplants for pests and fungi, especially those that summered outside. Ideally, pest extermination will be complete jus when the greenhouse, or growing area, is finalized for winter. If you live in warmer climates, this will be an ongoing process as plants that are exposed to the outdoors, even through open vents and windows, can contract nasty things.

Lastly, fall is a great time to get caught up on other gardening chores, especially neglected ones. While you are enjoying the foliage, or merely the cooler temperatures, look forward to the wonderful orchid blooms awaiting you this fall/winter. That should be your reward for the time spent caring for the orchids over the long summer.

Pot. Crozer's Royal Wizard 'P'U Yi'

Pot. Crozer's Royal Wizard 'P'U Yi'

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