img_0028We at Crozer & Crozer Orchids are excited to offer our Living Art program which enhances your home, office or special event with beautiful and luxurious orchids, creating a natural work of art for any setting.  Small and local, we are the only full-time retail greenhouse in New Hampshire dedicated to orchids, and we offer you a customized and personal service, while our knowledge of orchids and our commitment to sustainability allows us to keep our Living Art program extremely affordable.  Our program includes expert service, so you will be able to enjoy an amazing array of exotic and gorgeous orchids with no worries about their care.

Our Living Art Program provides you with blooming orchids of your choice, delivered to you, and cared for weekly by our professionals.  You can have blooming orchids year-round, enhancing your home, office, or business, and we will do all the work!  We consult with you to determine the type of orchids or orchid arrangements you are interested in, and then we show up once a week with blooming orchids from our greenhouse, returning any out-of-bloom orchids to our greenhouse, where we can provide them with all they need to grow and bloom again.  This practice enables you to feel good about enjoying aesthetically original living art for a superior value because it is sustainable and nothing is discarded or wasted.