SuppliesWe at Crozer & Crozer Orchids are dedicated to assisting you in all of your orchid needs. Our most popular service is orchid re-potting, which we offer for all types of orchids. Orchid re-potting includes a professional evaluation, removal of all existing potting media, your choice of either terra cotta or plastic pot, and any required accessories such as rhizome clip or staking. We are always happy to consult with you in your home or growing space to advise and discuss methods and types of plants best suited to your environment. We can even recommend qualified plant sitters for your orchids when you are away, so that you can vacation without worrying about your orchids and other plants!


We carry all of the supplies and accessories to make your orchid growing experience easy and enjoyable. We also carry a variety of decorative containers and pots to make your orchids look their best, and we are always willing to fill your own container with orchids.

The following supplies are always available at our greenhouse:Pots_and_supplies

  • Aussie Gold Orchid Mix
  • DynaGro liquid fertilizers
  • Variety of sizes and types of terra cotta and plastic pots
  • Tree fern slabs, totems, & pots
  • Cork bark slabs
  • Cedar vanda baskets and hangers
  • Variety of pot hooks
  • Bamboo and metal stakes
  • Dragonfly clips
  • Rhizome clips
  • Decorative pots and containers of all shapes, sizes, & colors